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Morro Bay & San Luis Obispo are spectacular areas to have your photo taken. Whether you are looking for an elegant and romantic maternity shoot, naturalistic family portraits, or a personable senior picture, we can use plenty of gorgeous venues. When people think of Morro Bay & San Luis Obispo, beaches come to mind. But there is so much more to this region than its coastline. Here are a few suggestions for other beautiful venues where you can take your photos. As your Morro Bay family photographer, I will make your pictures unique while embracing that iconic Morro Bay & San Luis Obispo beauty.

4 Locations for Your Morro Bay Family Photographer to Beautifully Capture Your Crew

Los Osos

Los Osos is an incredible park that gives mystical, almost fairy-tale vibes. It is home to hundreds of enormous old trees with long, twisted branches, perfect for a photo with plenty of intrigue and character. The first floor is covered in bright green grass and soft moss, an ideal contrast to the gnarled rustic branches looming overhead.

There are plenty of natural paths, small wooden bridges for additional photo spots, and wildlife that may pop into your pictures! Find beautiful open areas with plenty of sunlight, or pose beneath the trees for portraits with plenty of dappled sunlight. If you are looking for photos with a magical woodland aesthetic, Los Osos is a perfect fit. 

Madonna Inn Secret Garden

Madonna Inn Secret Garden is the epitome of romantic garden charm. Lush gardens that boast vibrant flowers and various textures and shades of green surround its expansive open lawn.

Their white trellis is popular for weddings but also makes an excellent backdrop for beautiful photos with a cheerful springtime or summertime outdoor feel. Depending on your specific location, the surrounding hills may also appear in your photos. 

Avila Barn

The Avila Barn is perfect for a rustic photoshoot any time of the year. However, each season has its own unique harvest to feature! Fields of bright sunflowers shine in late summer, as do rows of gem-toned flowers for self-picked bouquets. In autumn, stacks of pumpkins set a cozy, seasonal tone, and apple orchards bursting with colorful fruit.

As the holidays approach, there are plenty of Christmas trees to incorporate into your photos. Their large, beautiful barn is also a perfect backdrop for pictures with a unique country feel. 

Biddle Ranch

Biddle Ranch is a stunningly beautiful vineyard with rows of elegant vines. The epitome of California wine country, tall misty mountains surround the property for a feeling of quiet seclusion.

Their tasting room is an elegant, modern farmhouse aesthetic with white walls and contemporary columns that look naturally chic. It is surrounded by beautiful trees that will lend a little green to your photos. Biddle Ranch is sophistication, class, and beauty all rolled into one!

Family Photo Session at Biddle Ranch Winery by Rosa Clark Photography a San Luis Obispo Photographer

Let’s Get Your Session With a Morro Bay Family Photographer Scheduled!

Whatever aesthetic you hope to capture in your pictures, any of these venues will be able to deliver charm, beauty, and style. Whenever you are ready to book your photoshoot with a Morro Bay family photographer, please send me a message! We will work together to find the perfect spot to take your photos! For more Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo content, click on the links below!


  1. San Luis Obispo would be a great location for a family session. You have some great locations listed.

  2. Jillian says:

    Beautiful images and some great locations!

  3. Ruth Young says:

    These locations sound completely magical!!!!

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