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I always encourage my clients to consider having a family beach session with their baby at around 8-11 months old. At this stage, posing with a baby is much easier. There is nothing cuter than capturing those little toes and hands on the sand. This is such a great opportunity to capture the tenderness of the baby stage. At this stage, babies are developed and more engaged.

The most important thing to consider when planning a family beach portrait session with a baby is the time of dayBeach photo sessions heavily rely on natural light, even more so than any other location. This is why I prefer to schedule sessions during golden hour. This is the time shortly after sunrise and shortly before sunset when the sky is golden and softer than when the sun is high up. During golden hour, the light is also perfect for the baby’s skin. Babies have sensitive skin and would get too hot or burn if the session was done mid-day.

As far as clothing, I recommend that baby be dressed comfortably in simple clothes. Here’s a few tips on the type of clothing to wear:

  • Cool cotton clothes
  • Choose loose, lightweight, light-colored garments that provide ample ventilation.
  • Best colors: White, light blue, pink, pastels, beige, light florals

Here are a few tips for the day of the session:

  • Bring a helper
  • Bring a change of clothes
  • Bring milk, food and/or snacks
  • Bring a diaper bag
  • Plan your session around warm weather but avoid harsh mid-day sun

Typically babies will not last too long before they start to get hungry or sleepy.

If you are interested in my photography services, please feel free to inquire or book a session here!

Before you go, I want to introduce you to Ruth Young, a Virginia Portrait Photographer who recently wrote a post with tips for better beach photography. Go check her most recent blog!!!


  1. Robyn Scherer says:

    Aw! Love these and the helpful tips!

  2. Robyn Scherer says:

    Aw! Love these and the helpful tips! Looking forward to seeing you next June!

  3. Ruth Young says:

    These are such beautiful photos! Love!! 😍

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