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The fall season is typically one of the busiest seasons for photographers. The demand is due to the fact that a lot of people want a family photo for their Christmas card. Mini sessions are a great way to get that perfect photo.

What is a mini session?

A mini session is a short photography session usually around 10-20 minutes long. Some photographers offer mini sessions year-around while others will only offer them at certain time of the year.

In my business, I typically offer mini sessions 2-3 times a year. These sessions are often held in Spring, Summer, and Fall. Sessions are approximately 10-20 minutes long. I don’t offer mini sessions year around.

What does a mini session include?

A mini session includes a smaller version of the full session packages offered by the photographer. Typically you will receive a small portion of the images you would with a full session.

I offer 5-10 images at mini sessions. I show my clients approximately 25 images and let them choose the 5-10 photos that they want. I also give my clients the ability to upgrade and purchase additional images.

How much do mini sessions cost?

A mini session is typically more affordable than a full session. The cost will vary among different photographers.

My mini sessions range from $175-$250. The time of the year and the demand for sessions will typically determine the price.

How do I schedule a mini session?

If you want to schedule a mini session, just contact me and ask about minis. The best way to schedule a mini-session with me is to get on my VIP list. My email list will the first to know when I am scheduling mini sessions and they will also be the first to have access to bookings.

How many pictures will I get?

You will naturally end up with fewer photos than you would if you had booked a full session. A full session generates between 40 – 60 images while a mini session will give you about 5-10 total images.

What’s the difference between a mini session and a full session?

The difference between mini and full sessions is that mini sessions are set at a specified time, date, and location. In a full session, you get to pick your location, date, and time. In a mini session, you show up at the predetermined location that your photographer has selected.

Another big difference is that mini sessions are mostly posed whereas full sessions allow more time for candid photos. In a mini session, your photographer is simply trying to get some standard photos of your family. There is more time and therefore more variety in a full session.

Are there situations where you would NOT recommend a mini session?

Yes!!! If you are requesting an extended family session, I would not recommend booking a mini session. Extended family sessions require at least an hour, if not more time. It would not be practical for the family nor feasible for the photographer to capture an extended family session during a short session time.

Extended family session in Cayucos

If you are interested in inquiring about a mini or full session, please feel free to contact me here!

Before you go, I want to introduce you to Ruth Young. Ruth wrote a blog about creating a photography series. You can learn photography and the art of creating a series from this very talented photographer. Go check her out!!!

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September 8, 2022



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